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480 Ruger was introduced by Ruger and Hornady in 2003, becoming the first new cartridge to be introduced by Ruger. The design of this load was to chamber in Ruger’s double-action six-shooter, the Super Redhawk. This cartridge is a large high-power revolver cartridge and was the largest-diameter production revolver cartridge at the time of its introduction, at .475 inches. The 480 Ruger is known to split the difference between the 44 Magnum and the 454 Casull.

The cartridge is a well balanced round that provides significant velocity and energy increase over the 44 Magnum. However, even with the high energy, the 480 Ruger does not have the disadvantage of the recoil that comes with other larger super-powered handgun cartridges. This cartridge is extremely capable to use against very large game animals.

The 480 Ruger compared to its more powerful cousin round, the 475 Linebaugh, creates a max pressure of 48,000 psi where the 475 Linebaugh is 50,000 psi. Depending on the load, the 480 Ruger can easily reach within 150 ft/s of the 475 Linebaugh.

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