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454 Casull was developed in 1957 by Dick Casull and Jack Fulmer. For the initial development, solid-head 45 Colt cases and specially altered Colt’s and Ruger single-action revolvers were used. Using the 45 Colt case as the basis of the 454 Casull, they lengthened the 45 Colt case by .1 inch to prevent the 454 Casull from being used in 45 Colt revolvers.

The 454 Casull is one of the most powerful revolver cartridges to this day. This cartridge is primarily for hunting and can effectively take down any size of animal from deer to the most dangerous game. Due to being such a powerful load, this cartridge takes lots of practice to use effectively. If looking for a reduced load, the standard 45 Colt can be fired in the 454 revolver, but not the other way around due to the longer case of the 454 Casull.

Because of the extremely high pressures these cartridges develop, these loads use a small rifle primer instead of a large pistol primer like that of the 45 Colt, due to the stronger CUP (copper units of pressure) of the rifle primer. The 454 Casull generates 5x more recoil than the 45 Colt and about 75% more recoil energy than the 44 Magnum.

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