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38 Super +P was introduced by Colt in 1929. This round is a high speed sporting cartridge that was created to add more pressure to the 38 ACP. For many years, this cartridge was one of the most powerful automatic pistol cartridges in the US between velocity and energy.

The 38 Super +P has more power than the 9mm Luger and has greater penetration than the 45 Auto. When hunting this cartridge is ideal for hunting small and medium game. With the right bullet, this cartridge is extremely popular among IPSC competitors.

AmmoFast carries the 38 Super +P in many high quality brands, including Federal, Aguila, Privi and Armscor for all your shooting needs.

Cartridges that are not clearly stated as +P in 38 Super are still considered a +P round due to the higher pressure added to the original 38 Auto round.