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40 S&W was designed as an in house collaboration between Winchester and Smith & Wesson in 1990. At the time, the FBI had settled on the bullet diameter, weight and velocity of the 10mm Auto. The goal Winchester and Smith & Wesson had for the 40 S&W was to duplicate the performance of the 10mm Auto using a shorter cartridge. Both the 40 S&W and 10mm Auto cartridges use the same bore diameter and case head.

The 40 S&W requires high pressures generating extreme power in a small package and rivals the best the 45 Auto has to offer. This cartridge is known as one of the most popular rimless handgun cartridges alongside the 45 Auto and 9mm Luger. In comparison to the 9mm, the 40 S&W offers stronger stopping power due to it having a larger diameter and greater mass. This quality makes it a top option when you need to stop threats quicker with fewer shots.

AmmoFast carries many high quality 40 S&W rounds for training and self-defense from top manufacturers like Hornady, Federal, Remington, and CCI.