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Created from a 5.56 NATO cartridge, the 22TCM is a trademark bottle-neck cartridge developed for semi-automatic pistols by Fred Craig and Rock Island Armory. The 22 TCM trades bullet mass for increased velocity and lowered recoil with a similar concept to other bottle-necked pistol cartridges such as the larger caliber 357 SIG. This cartridge was engineered from the 5.56×45 NATO case and shortened so that the shoulder would be approximately the same length as the 38 Super cartridge and somewhat longer than the 9mm Luger.

With a shorter, more deeply-seated bullet, the 22 TCM 9R, is a sub-varient of the 22 TCM. This cartridge was developed for the use in Glock magazines limited to standard-length 9mm cartridges.

At AmmoFast you can find both the 22TCM 40 gr JHP and the 22TCM 9R 39 gr JHP.