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45 Colt was introduced by Colt in 1873 for the use in their famous Peacemaker single-action revolver. In 1875 the cartridge and revolver were adopted by the US Army and remained the official cartridge until 1892. This cartridge is one that helped civilize and settle the American West.

When using special revolvers, the 45 Colt has had some heavy loads that have been established for it. With these loads it puts it in almost the same class as the 44 Magnum. These cartridges should only be used in revolvers that will withstand pressures that are generated by the heavier loads.

45 Colt became the basis for other rounds that include the powerful 454 Casull. 454 Casull and 460 S&W revolvers will chamber and fire the 45 Colt but not the reverse due to the longer cases on the 454 Casull and 460 S&W.

Standard factory loads develop around 400 ft/lb of muzzle energy at about 860 ft/s. This makes these loads roughly equivalent to modern 45 ACP loads.

These loads can be used for handgun hunting on medium game like deer and black bear and is popular in Cowboy Action Shooting.

Popular brands including Federal, Remington, Hornady and Winchester still manufacture ammunition in the 45 Colt. You can find all of these brands and 45 Colt rounds at AmmoFast.