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9mm ammunition is one of the most popular sizes of handgun ammunition. Also called 9mm luger ammo, this ammunition is available in +P format (higher pressure for its size). 9mm ammo is the common term but 9mm luger is the technical term for this ammunition size.

When someone says “9mm” they mean a 9mm bullet sized 9x19mm. 9mm ammunition is the most common handgun round. 9mm ammunition fits numerous brands of handguns including GLOCK 19, CZ-75, Smith & Wesson M&P, Browning Hi Power, 1911, etc.

There is an entire family of handgun cartridges that use 9mm projectiles.

The ammunition round itself was developed by Georg Luger during the design process of his famous pistol, often referred to simply as a “Luger”.

NATO made the 9mm luger their standard pistol round. NATO has their own handloading manual has a standard load for it. The standard 9mm NATO ammunition round is a 124-grain FMJ, loaded to 36,500 psi. This is a bit hotter than the CIP standard of about 34,000 psi. The SAAMI standard is 35,000 psi. This makes the NATO 9mm ammo round an overpressure variant.