Remington Target 45 Colt LC Semi-Wadcutter 225 Gr 50 Rnd Box


Remington Target

45 Colt LC


225 Gr

50 Round Box

Every application, one brand. Remington has been making centerfire handgun ammunition longer than anyone. It should then come as no surprise they offer the broadest line of pistol and revolver ammunition available. With loadings tailored to virtually every potential shooting application, their line includes vast choices of calibers, bullet weights, bullet styles and combinations of all these. Choose from a complete range of traditional bullet styles, as well as from some of the most sophisticated handgun bullets made. All cartridges are assembled from the highest quality components with meticulous quality control to assure reliability in all handgun actions.

Caliber: 45 Colt (LC)
Bullet Type: Semi-Wadcutter
Bullet Weight: 225 GR
Rounds Per Box: 50
Boxes Per Case: 10
Application: Performance/Protection


UPC: 047700424804



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