Lapua SK 22 LR High Velocity LRN German 40 Gr 500 Rnd Brick


World Record Holding Lapua

Made in Germany to the Highest Standards

Lapua´s long experience in rimfire cartridge manufacturing shows in an outstanding series of medals and world records. Lapua cartridges bring the shooters   success in every discipline. The compatibility of the cartridge and the rifle is especially   important in prone disciplines. Lapua´s uncompromising approach to quality is probably most evident in rimfire cartridges. Although the quantity of shots fired is high, the  marksman must be able to trust every single cartridge to work and hit its target accurately. We also manufacture state-of-the-art rimfire cartridges under the SK brand. 


Lapua SK

High Velocity

40 Grain

Lead Round Nose

1265 Feet per Second


Special hunting cartridge with flat trajectory and searching efficiency, for short and long ranges





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