Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics 38 Super 129 Gr FMJ 50 Pack

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Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics

38 Super

129 Grain

Copper Plated Full Metal Jacket

1180 Feet Per Second

50 Pack

Dynamics Line

Today’s shooting dollar needs to stretch as far as possible. But to train and remain proficient with a handgun (or any gun or tool for that matter), you must practice. We, as shooters too, realize the importance of both value and training. That’s why we make the Shooting Dynamics Line of handgun ammo. Combining quality brass cases (no steel) with consistent primers and clean powders and full metal jacket, jacketed hollow point and soft point bullets in many calibers, Fiocchi provides the balance of quality and value you need to enjoy a day at the range with the family or get in some quality training time with the guys (or girls). We load bullets of the same weight to velocities that are comparable with high-quality defensive loads so you get realistic training-recoil impulse and point of aim/impact just like our XTP line of defensive ammo. So you can practice with the less expensive ammo, shoot some XTPs to confirm function and then clean and lube the gun after the practice session, load the XTPs for defense, and know that your training will help prepare you for the real thing. If you run a suppressed 9mm pistol or subgun, check out our 158 FMJ load. You can hear the difference. Unlike some other ammo companies, we don’t make different “brands” of ammo under different names. All of our ammo carries the Fiocchi name big and bold like it should. We load it with as high a quality at as low a price as we can for you (and us) to shoot.

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