Remington 30 Super Carry 100 Gr JHP HTP (20)



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At AmmoFast you can find Remington High Terminal Performance ammunition that delivers instant stopping power when it’s needed most. The HTP ammunition is loaded with all of the high quality components needed for high weight retention and double diameter expansion. If you are looking for a load that packs an ample punch, Remington 30 Super Carry 100 gr JHP HTP is the perfect choice for hunting and self-defense.

  • Cartridge offers the same muzzle energy as 9mm Luger, with far better ballistics than 380 Auto
  • Pistol platforms provide smaller profiles for easier concealability with more magazine capacity than 9mm Luger


Caliber 30 Super Carry
Bullet Weight 100 gr
Muzzle Velocity 1235
Bullet Style Jacketed Hollow Point
Package Quantity 20

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Weight .52 lbs

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