Federal 30 Super Carry 100 Gr HST HP (20)



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Federal 30 Super Carry 100 Gr HST HP offers the consistency, expansion, penetration and terminal performance a great self-defense round requires. The specially designed hollow point bullet in this HST load wont plug while passing through barriers. Due to the bullet jacket and core holding together through some of the toughest materials, this round at AmmoFast provides nearly 100 weight retention.

  • Compatible with firearms chambered in 30 Super Carry
  • HST bullet design gets maximum performance from the 30 Super Carry cartridge
  • Smaller profile allows for more more magazine capacity with muzzle energy and performance equal to 9mm Luger


Caliber 30 Super Carry
Grain Weight 100
Muzzle Velocity 1250
Bullet Style HST Jacketed Hollow Point
Test Barrel Length In 4
Package Quantity 20
Usage Self-Defense

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