460 S&W

460 Smith & Wesson was a joint development with Hornady and Smith & Wesson announced in 2005. The development of the 460 S&W included lengthening the 454 Casull case to 1.8 inches. Adding the extra length to the original 454 Casull case allows for more powder in the 460 S&W case to create a more powerful cartridge. This cartridge is known as the fastest revolver cartridge ever produced by reaching velocities of about 2,200 fps with 200 grain bullets.

Used for long-range handgun hunting, the 460 S&W cartridge is chambered in the S&W M460 Extreme Velocity Revolver. When used by experienced pistol shooters, this cartridge can achieve MOA accuracy at 100 yards.  The 460 S&W achieves high velocities by operating at chamber pressures that would normally be seen in magnum rifle cartridges (65,000 psi max).

As a long-range hunting cartridge, these rounds are very effective for dangerous game hunting and defensive purposes.  It is especially great for whitetail deer hunting at 150-yard ranges.

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