Federal regulation states that ammunition can only ship via ground. There is no overnight shipping of ammunition.

By purchasing ammunition from, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions.

You must be 21 or older to purchase ammunition from

With this purchase, you agree not to violate any local, state or federal law.

You agree that you have no legal prohibition against the purchase and or possession of ammunition.

Illinois    Please send a copy of your FOID card and a State Photo ID.  Please send to or fax to 855-297-4404, prior to shipment.  We cannot ship to the City of Chicago. 

California    No sales to the cities of Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento or San Francisco.

Connecticut     Please a copy of your permit prior to shipment.

New York    We can only ship to licensed FFL's or Seller of Ammunition Certificate holders.  Please have your FFL or Seller of Ammunition, forward a copy of their license to or fax to 855-297-4404.  We cannot ship to Manhattan or the surrounding boroughs.

New Jersey    When ordering handgun caliber ammunition, you must email a copy of your FID to or fax to 855-297-4404, prior to shipment.  We can only ship to the address on the ID

Massachusetts    No sales. Massachusetts Law, Part 1, Tittle XX, Chapter 14, Section 122B, states, No person shall sell ammunition in the commonwealth unless duly licensed.

Washington DC    No sales

Alaska    You must list a freight forwarder in another state in the "ship to" portion of checkout. We cannot ship direct.

Hawaii   You must list a freight forwarder in another state in the "ship to" portion of checkout. We cannot ship direct.

You must comply with all Local, State and Federal laws and regulations.

We do not ship to areas of the country that restrict the purchase of ammunition

We cannot ship to a P.O. Box, APO or FPO


Buying a firearm from is easy
Place your order through

Have your local FFL Dealer (guns store, pawn shop) forward a copy of their FFL to us.

Your firearm will arrive at your FFL Dealer by noon, the day after we receive their FFL

When your firearm arrives, your local FFL dealer will complete the background check and transfer. They will charge a fee for this service.

The particulars...

By making a purchase from, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions.
You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase a handgun and 18 years of age to purchase a long gun.
Make sure that your purchase falls withing the rules, regulations, laws and ordinances of your local city, county and state! If a firearm is returned to us by the transferring dealer due to non compliance with local regs, the customer is responsible for all shipping cost.
You should list a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Dealer in the "ship to" section of your order. OR, provide an FFL receiving dealer within three days.
You will need to contact an FFL Dealer in your area and have them agree to accept shipment and complete the transfer of your firearm.
Your receiving dealer will charge a transfer fee and background check fee that is independent of
You will need to have your local FFL Dealer email a copy of their FFL to or fax to 855-297-4404.
Make sure that the dealer references your order in the email.
You will be responsible for any shipping cost associated with the return of the firearm due to failure to pass a background check, refusal of the FFL Dealer to accept shipment or inability to complete the transfer due to non compliance with local laws and restrictions.
THIS IS NOT a Complete or Comprehensive List of Firearms Regulations by State. The laws and regulations below are for reference. KNOW YOUR LOCAL AND STATE LAW.

CA Handguns must be on the approved list No mags over 10 rounds No rifles with overall length of less than 30 inches Tactical rifles and lower receivers must have a bullet button No semi auto shotgun with detachable mag or revolving cylinders No semi auto shotgun with a telescoping stock and a pistol grip or vertical handgrip

CO No mags over 15 rounds No shotgun mags over 8 rounds No semi auto pistols that were designed as rifles (AR Pistol)

CT Must have a permit No mags over 10 rounds No tactical firearms No mags over 5 rounds to persons under 25 years of age No AR parts No shotguns with folding stock, pistol grip, fixed mag over 5 rounds, detachable mags

HI No tactical pistols No handgun mags over 10 rounds No alloy pistols with melting point below 800 degree's No pistols with threaded barrel, barrel shrowd, weighs more than 50 oz, more than 12 inches in length, semi auto version of automatic firearm unless 16 inches or more in length

IL NO SALES to the City of Chicago No semi auto rifles, AK47, AK74 or AR-15's to Cook County No alloy pistol with a melting point below 800 degree's F No shotguns with pistol grip, folding stock, telescoping stock, fixed mag larger than 5 rounds, detachable mags or revolving cylinder Cities of Highland Park and Aurora have their own strict ordinances. Know your local laws.

MD No 10 round mags No handgun sales prior to October 15, 2015 No tactical rifles No folding stocks or flash suppressors No rifles with length less than 29 inches

MA No semi auto rifles No handguns No semi auto shotguns, defensive shotguns or box fed shotguns

NJ No tactical rifles No shotguns with mag exceeding 6 rounds

NY No ten round mags No alloy with melting point below 1000 degree's No shipping to the boroughs

PR No tactical rifles Shotguns with more that 5 round capacity No pistol with threaded barrel or weight above 50 oz

DC No Sales


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